Bulk Trash, Garbage and Recycling


Bulk Trash

All communities, except Towngate: “Bulk Items” can be placed curbside or in designated areas after 12 P.M. on the day before a scheduled pickup. Any items placed out prior to this time or in the wrong location will be removed by the Association at the cost of the Homeowner.

Towngate: Large Items must be placed on either side of the corral, following the placement timing guidelines stated above.

Household Garbage and Recyclable Collection

All communities: Trash containers must be stored inside the garage or out of sight behind a fence. Containers may be placed out after 12:00 PM on the day before scheduled pickup and must be returned to out-of-sight storage no later than 12 hours after pickup. Early container placement or late container return is a violation and may result in a fine.

Trash & Recycling Maps, City Of Homestead

Map and pick up dates

All Keys Gate neighborhoods are in ZONE D with the exception of North Gate and East Lake, which are in ZONE B


Household Garbage, Recycling & Bulk Pick Up

Arbor Park, Augusta Greens I & II, Cali Greens, Center Gate, Dunwoodie, Fairways, Keys Landing, Palm Breeze, Palm Isles, The Shores and Town Gate
Household Garbage:Tuesday & Friday - each week
Recycling: Friday
Bulk Pick Up: Varies see map

East Lake
Household Garbage: Monday & Thursday- each week
Recycling: Thursday
Bulk Pick Up: Varies see map

Household Garbage: Monday & Thursday- each week
Recycling: Thursday
​Bulk Pick Up: Varies see map

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